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We are passionate about design, in its best sense.
We produce radiant plates, decorative radiators and towel warmers made to make every environment unique and recognizable.

From 40 years of experience, an entrepreneurial idea transmitted from the father to the children who maintain the same passion but with a focus on the most contemporary and personalized design on the tastes and needs of customers.


Business priorities

Incontro con i clienti

Listening to the customer

we create customized products based on every type of taste or need

Fabbro al lavoro


we take care of every phase of the project, from production to assembly

Fur carpet


we respect the agreed times to ensure the best result in the shortest possible time (without sacrificing attention to detail)

Why choose Xò by Metalform solutions

  1. High caloric efficiency: all our thermo furnishing products are designed with the priority of caloric yield. In this way we guarantee you a unique design product that does not give up its main function, which is to provide impeccable caloric efficiency.

  2. Design: like you we love unique pieces, designed and made according to your tastes. This is why we turn any kind of idea into reality. You make your wish, we transform it into your favorite design object.

  3. Post-purchase assistance: Xò by Metalform customers know they can count on our team specialized in technical assistance that is always fast, friendly and efficient.


Choose a designer radiator by Xò by Metalform and complete your home with a design piece made to be noticed, like you.

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