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Chromotherapy and heating: design and well-being

Everyone knows that colors are the mirror of our feelings.

Each color is able to communicate a very specific message even at a subliminal level, affecting our mood and our mental well-being.

Today we are talking about a topic that will especially interest those passionate (or even simply curious) to alternative medicine and in particular to the most colorful branch: chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy: what is it?

Also known as color therapy, color therapy ranks among alternative medicines.

The wide and varied universe of colors can represent a valid aid in support of therapies aimed at treating disorders of various entities and origins. This type of "medicine" (which is not supported or proven by any scientific evidence), supports the principle according to which colors are fundamental tools for regaining harmony and balance of body and mind.

Even in the thermo furniture sector, in recent years more and more customers need an accessory to accompany our radiant plates. Accessory able to give the rooms colored shades with soft lights useful to recreate a serene and relaxing environment at home thanks to the advantages deriving from chromotherapy.

Xo by Metalform: chromotherapy and thermo furniture

To satisfy the requests and needs of each customer, we have designed and produced a system that makes our radiant plates real design pieces capable of incorporating all the benefits related to chromotherapy.

In fact, each radiant plate can be combined with an optimal backlighting system for each environment and with every color shade according to the tastes and desires of our customers.

You just have to choose your favorite color, discover its hidden meaning and choose the perfect radiant plate for your home!

The meaning of colors

  • Red: It is the color associated with strength, health and vitality and represents fire, joy, celebration. It is the ideal color for those who want to give their environment an aura of particular vitality and energy.

  • Green: It is the fundamental color of nature, of harmony: it symbolizes hope, balance, peace and renewal. It is a neutral, relaxing color, it promotes reflection, calm, concentration.

  • Purple: Purple brings quiet of mind, peace and love, attention to others, great for meditation, prayer and aids in concentration.

  • Orange: According to chromotherapy, orange would have a liberating action on physical and mental functions and a great effect of integration and distribution of energy, inducing serenity, enthusiasm, joy, will to live, optimism, positivity of feelings, physical synergy and mental.

  • Blue: It is a calming and refreshing color. According to the theories of the sector, it is a color that calms and moderates and that makes you forget the problems of everyday life.

  • Yellow: Yellow is associated with the left side of the brain and generally with the intellectual side, with stimulation and study-aid effects. It is considered a protective and concrete color, helping those who are too open or too creative, associated with happiness, wisdom and imagination, generator of good mood, whether you wear clothing of this color or as a paint for the walls.

Have you found out which color is perfect for you? Contact us now for a quote: your new radiator with chromotherapy is waiting for you!


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