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Custom radiant plates

Carefully furnishing any type of environment, from domestic to commercial, means dedicating maximum attention to every detail.

The greatest designers from all over the world have declined their style in every element that makes up the furnishing of an environment, allowing on the one hand the enhancement of every detail and on the other the functionality of a space tailored to its inhabitants.

In this article I will tell you about our radiant plates and how you can customize them in every detail, even with highly heat-resistant photographic prints.

Anything you can wish for is achievable, why give up?

Photographic print on radiant plate

Imagine your favorite painting, or the photo taken during the last holidays and that makes you dream every time you look at it ... or maybe a poster of your favorite rock star, the lyrics of a particularly important song and everything that gives you emotions strong and tied to your life.

Would you like to transform those images into pieces of furniture that are unique in the world and functional for the quality of life at home? The Xò by Metalform team makes every wish come true by transforming any image into a high definition print on high efficiency radiant plates.

We do it because we believe in the value of customizing each design according to everyone's needs and tastes and, with our experience, we are satisfied to see each customer's expectations come true.

High definition images and perfect rendering of printing at high temperatures

Each print is carried out with the use of specific machinery and inks specifically tested not to degrade with exposure to the high temperatures of each radiant plate.

The image printed on the plate, of whatever type it is, from the company logo to the family photo, will always be perfect and defined in every detail.

Obviously the quality of the support, therefore of the radiant plate, is the basis of such an optimal result. We use our Thermo Cover Radiant Plate as a high quality white sheet on which to print any image desired by our demanding customers.

We have made hundreds of customizations and each time it has been a beautiful project carried out taking into account the requests and wishes of each client. If you too are looking for a radiant plate to customize with everything you like best, contact us immediately for advice or a quote. We create solutions with water and electricity supply, in any size and customizable in every detail.

With Xò by Metalform every desire becomes a very warm reality.


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