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Radiator: how to choose the right one

When you first approach the choice of radiators and radiators in general, there can be many doubts about the right decision.

Starting from the production material (better steel, aluminum or cast iron?) To the heat output, from cost to design.

In this article, I will give you my basic guidelines to start getting a clear idea of choosing the radiator that best suits your needs.

Factor number one: the materials and the yield

It is not just a choice of style or aesthetics: the material of our radiator has a huge difference between the various options, especially in terms of yield.

The yield (also called power) is the energy radiated into the environment by the radiator (radiator) that houses it.

It goes without saying that this is a fundamental factor in the choice of thermo furniture. Ask yourself how much space do you need to heat and how much?

Pros and cons between steel, cast iron and aluminum

Each material responds to specific needs, be they price, weight or design.

Materials such as steel or aluminum are more malleable and lighter and therefore more easily customizable in terms of design according to the tastes of customers.

However, it should be specified that steel, although it is faster to heat up, is just as fast as it loses heat immediately after the heating system is turned off.

On the contrary, cast iron enjoys excellent thermal inertia.

Its cooling, even once the heating system is turned off, is very slow, guaranteeing a very prolonged irradiation over time.

But even cast iron has a limit, namely its lack of malleability and above all its weight.

Last, but only in order of list, is aluminum.

It is a middle ground between the pros and cons of cast iron and steel, it is certainly the cheapest material of the three but in terms of durability and aesthetics it comes down to a lot of compromises.

Factor number two: aesthetics, personalization and design

This is an aspect that strictly concerns your taste and your needs. If you are looking for a particular radiator, which must be mounted inside a space with a particularly refined style, the advice is to choose a handcrafted product, of high quality and that is light enough and "modifiable" according to your requests. .

Very often a customized product that fits your dreams perfectly has the cost of a standard high-quality thermo-furnishing product. So why settle for the standard if you can have a great product in terms of yield and quality, exactly how you would like it, at the same price as a mass-produced piece?

Our company specializes in the creation of customizable thermo furnishings, with a great impact in terms of design and at the same time with a high caloric efficiency.

We produce and install real heated and heated furnishing accessories, browse our catalog or contact us for personalized advice.


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