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Xò by Metalform, the new 2021 catalog

Xò by Metalform, a company that in over 40 years of experience has combined design with caloric efficiency, updates its product catalog with industry news and ideal contents for both end customers and professionals.

Radiators, radiant plates, towel warmers and accessories for every taste and need with the addition of all the latest news and customizations.

From finishes to product variants (from hydraulic to electric), from technical data sheets to additional availabilities such as chromotherapy and real mirror decoration inserts.

Over the last year, the company has renewed its image also online for coordinated graphics with the new 2021 catalog and external communication. A choice that marks a moment of business growth and evolution with the further creation of an online catalog that can always be viewed and is complete with photographic content and technical specifications. Attention is paid to the well-being of those who will inhabit the rooms equipped with Xò by Metalform solutions: not only thermal heating but environments embellished with distinctive details made to offer relaxation and comfort.

Also for this reason, the company expresses in the new catalog the possibility of combining each radiant plate with the chromotherapy system with remote control to enjoy the experience of a SPA without leaving your apartment.

Xo by Metalform - Made in Italy

Password: custom design. A concept that has always characterized the company for its dedication to the maximum customization of each product thanks to the artisanal production approach. An approach that has allowed the company to improve over the years up to the achievement of high quality standards of industrial production with all the advantages of taking care of the details with craftsmanship.

Choosing between design and caloric efficiency is no longer necessary, which is why more and more people are choosing to heat their rooms with a Xò by Metalform product: preferred by those who love design, built by those who invest in Made in Italy.


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